Tax Representation

1. Investigation

With your authorization, through the use of the Power of Attorney we will contact the IRS, on your behalf, to investigate your IRS history in order to properly assess any of your tax liabilities.


2. Tax Preparation

We will prepare and/or amend your taxes so that they are compliant with IRS standards for the applicable year.


3. Tax Liability (Back Tax) Assessment

We will also look at your previous tax forms to examine the source of your tax problems and determine the amount of back taxes you owe to the IRS and for which years.


4. Analysis Letter

We will use the information gathered through our investigation and the financial information you provided in order to get a complete picture of your financial history and your current financial status as it pertains to your tax issues. We will then be able to provide recommendations to resolve your tax debt.


5. Resolution Recommendations

Once we have prepared and assessed your tax documents and analyzed your financial situation, we will be able to provide you with our expert recommendations on the IRS’s tax relief program for which you may qualify.

We will help protect your financial future!

Free Consultation

Receive an initial analysis of your specific tax issues with one of our tax professionals.


With your authorization, we obtain your IRS transcript for past personal filings.


We review and amend your past and current tax filings to be in compliance with IRS standards.

Financial Analysis

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your tax debt issues with recommendations to attain relief.

Case Resolution

We negotiate with the IRS to reach a favorable resolution.

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