IRS Tax Penalties

What Are iRS Tax Penalties

In certain instances, tax penalties can create a tax liability for a taxpayer. In these situations the IRS may be willing to review the penalties in question. This might lead to an abatement depending on the reasoning behind the penalty.

As per the IRS, a tax penalty should not be assessed if the taxpayer’s liability is a result of “reasonable cause” and not of “willful neglect.”

Reasonable cause can include the follow instances:

  • A death or illness in the taxpayer’s immediate family
  • An unavoidable absence
    Destruction by natural causes of the taxpayer’s residence
  • The taxpayer’s inability to reasonably obtain records for liability determination
  • The non-filing stemmed from an IRS error
  • The non-filing stemmed from the U.S. Post Office
  • Failure by a competent tax advisor
  • A civil disturbance

The burden of proof resides with the taxpayer to prove reasonable cause.

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