IRS Payroll Tax Debt

What is IRS Payroll Tax?

Trust Fund Tax is an employment tax that employers withhold from their employees’ pay. This tax is then provided to the IRS from the employer. Failure to pay this tax results in a Trust Fund Tax liability. While the nature of this tax can be complicated, it is heavily sought after by the IRS and cannot be discharged (even through bankruptcy).

The IRS can enforce a number of methods to collect this tax, including liens and levies.

If you believe you or your business may be facing Trust Fund Tax liability, there are two determinant tests to be aware of. The first test is whether you are deemed responsible for collecting/paying withheld income/employment taxes OR for paying collected excise taxes. The second test is whether you willfully failed to make good on your obligations.

Should you meet these qualifications, the IRS typically has the right to take action against you.

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